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Avatier Captcha

Securing User Identities Has Never Been More Fun

Apollo Captcha

Easy-to-Use, Hard to Crack

Prevent bots from automatically submitting forms with SPAM, fake registrations or other unwanted content.

Making online shopping more secure by reducing fake orders:

Cube Captcha

Rotate the cube until it shows the side indicated by the instructions

Captcha Sort

Rearrange numbers shown on shapes using the dragand drop function

Math Captcha

Solve and provide answers to simple math equations

Why You'll Love This

Current solutions use simple math or an image of several distorted letters and ask you to translate the distortion or complete the equation to prevent the exploitation of a site’s weaknesses. Avatier's Captcha solution:

Armed with strong chatbot authentication, Avatier Apollo automates mundane, repetitive IT staff tasks like:

  • Ubiquitous: Useable anywhere on any website or Identity Management Solution provider, including Avatier’s own self-service password reset function.
  • Is as easy as inserting a small piece of Java code
  • Fully customizable. Add your logo, choose a unique color scheme, or add in other elements to make added security a seamless - and fun - part of your website’s UX.
  • License a single design or a complete library of Captcha options. Plus a growing roadmap of Captcha solutions to make customer experiences fun and interesting.
  • No “per use” costs. Pay per year, per website, or per month. Affordable options to meet every need