All In to Win

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City of Champions

City of Champions

Avatier, headquartered in the City of Champions, is all in to win! As demonstrated by great sport teams, teamwork represents the art of working together. Teamwork requires leading through change, dealing with conflict, reaching goals, and exceeding your potential. Success requires engagement beyond your everyday job function as you stretch to new levels. Agile. Scrum. Total quality. You experience it all. Continuous improvement is the gestalt of champions. This is why we’re at Avatier.

State of the Art Facilities<br />

State of the Art Facilities

Avatier’s corporate headquarters are located on the Bishop Ranch campus in Pleasanton, where the entire Bay Area is easily accessible. Our offices feature state-of-the-art equipment, because our founder, a developer himself, recognizes innovation requires it. Our technological edge allows us to provide our customers with consistent, high-quality products, services and return on their investment. To thrive and attract the best talent, we equip you with the tools to succeed. And by the way, we do user provisioning fast.

Corporate Culture<br />

Corporate Culture

Our office promotes a culture of innovation. With everyone from sales, marketing, engineering, and design, we collaborate to do amazing work. We’re a group of all stars. We play bocce, drink espresso, and we’re uncertain whether Napa wines are better than Umbria and Tuscany. We admire Tesla, Jobs, and all things leading edge. We live in red states and blue while working together and sharing offices and cubes. We’re honest, opinionated and have fun, because we realize it takes the whole team to attain success.

Professional Development<br />

Professional Development

Art. Culture. Creativity. Nature. Diversity. Technology. Innovation. Entrepreneurship. These are words used to describe the San Francisco Bay Area. Similarly educational leaders like UC Berkeley, Stanford and Cal State are located near our offices. At Avatier, you will find yourself surrounded by a community of open-minded individuals who listen and represent a richly diverse community of scholars and opinions. Your role will require you to explore new reaches on-the-job and develop yourself continuously.

Our Customers<br />

Our Customers

We believe our core values of innovation, efficiency, and continuous improvement, all lead to customer satisfaction. Our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) helps us chart our strategic direction. We are ahead of the curve in enterprise identity management solutions, because our customers require next generation solutions today. From our host of self-service business user administration tools to our patented workflow automation software and IT Store, our mission intends to help enterprise operations scale to new levels of efficiency and security.