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Password Station
Enterprise Password Management
Proven self-service password reset.
Proven Self-Reset
Allow your organization to securely reset and sync passwords 24/7.
Mass Enrollment
Immediately enable self-service password reset to all users.
Multi-Access Options
Web. Phone PIN. Voice Recognition, and more.
Automatically open and close password reset help desk tickets.
Trusted Integrated Solution
Experience password management today.
Trusted Integrated
Password Station

Enterprise Password Management

Proven self-service password reset.

The world's most trusted companies trust Avatier's password reset tool for self-service active directory password reset and enterprise password management. Password Station delivers a complete password management solution for corporate password management.


Proven Password Reset Software

Simply the best password reset tool ever

Self-service password reset allows users to securely reset their forgotten password, unlock their accounts, or reset their RSA SecurID PIN in a matter of seconds without making help desk password reset requests.

Password Station puts password reset software control in the hands of trusted business users 24 hours a day; all year. Eliminate your help desk password reset and RSA SecurID calls. Password self-service streamlines call center operations so staff can focus on more critical IT cyber security threats.

Password Management Enrollment

Automate password management mass enrollment

The value of a self-service password reset solution increases the more it is used. Ensure maximum user acceptance of your password reset tool beginning the first day in production. Mass enrollment lets you leverage semi-private personnel data to auto-populate trusted business users.

Upon a first login attempt, business users must set up their security authentication questions to continue. For IT cyber security control, you can even expire questions forcing business users to select new authentication questions.

Multi-access Self-service Options

Self-service password management platforms for all

Password Station represents a new way for organizations to conduct enterprise password management using Avatier's automated password reset tool. Locked out of your computer? Reset password in active directory without help desk. Connection down? Dial-in to the phone enterprise password manager.

Require authentication? Security is baked into our enterprise password management solution. Password Station gives you multi-access options: Web, Phone PIN, Voice Recognition, Desktop Kiosks, RSA Tokens, and Smart Cards. They all allow the same functionality in one flexible enterprise password management tool.

Automated Help Desk Ticketing

Automatically open and close help desk password tickets

Avatier's corporate password management software lets you avoid dual entry. Ticketing in our self-service password management system could not be easier. It also automatically opens and closes all self-service help desk password reset requests directly in your service management system. With our password management tools, self-service password reset actions are also tracked in your ticketing system.

Plug-In Identity Management Modules

Get Started with identity and access management today

Someday your organization may require more than just a simple password active directory password reset tool. Someday you might want automated user provision and account creation, self-service group management, and real time access certification of any person, device, or role in your enterprise.

Avatier sells software to customers featuring user account provisioning, self service group management, active directory group management, governance risk compliance, IT risk management certification, risk intelligence, and active directory password reset with password policy automation.

Avatier's services include Active Directory cleanup, enterprise software proof of concept, ITIL configuration management, system integration consulting, application management, decommission services, and IAM certification training.

Our complete identity and access management software and solutions are ready when you are. For a trial, there is nothing more to install. Simply enable the trial evaluation to give all of our identity management modules a test drive in your environment.

Password Manager Cache

Enterprise password manager password synchronization

Avatier's enterprise password management software supports synchronizing your network password with the password stored locally in memory on your computer. Password Station keeps both passwords in sync. Password Station stores authentication credentials on mobile devices, computers, and servers.

When business users attempt to authenticate, their credentials are compared with stored passwords or password hashes. Passwords Stations built in security audit controls protect these passwords from compromise. Password Station protects the confidentiality of stored passwords. It synchronizes your network password and the password stored on your computer.

Transparent Password Synchronization

Synchronize enterprise password management systems

Password Station automatically keeps network and application passwords in sync with their Active Directory passwords and passwords for most operating systems. When a user's Active Directory password changes, Password Station pushes the change to all systems assigned to an identity in your network.

Password Station synchronizes passwords between Windows and UNIX networks. It simplifies maintaining secure passwords in both environments and eliminates the need to keep separate passwords for Windows and UNIX accounts.

With Password Station, when a business user's password changes on a Windows-based computer or domain, either from self service active directory password reset or through our amazing automated password reset tool, it simultaneously automatically changes on each UNIX host a business user has an access certification account.

Password Synchronization can also be configured to change the user's Windows password when the user's UNIX password is changed. With Avatier's self-service password reset, when you reset your Microsoft Windows Active Directory password all other passwords on linked applications are automatically synchronized.

Password Manager Credential Provider

Software that lets you reset passwords prior to log on

Password Stations lets business users securely reset forgotten passwords prior to workstation log on from the privacy and convenience of their workstation's log-on screen. Imagine without calling the help desk or disrupting a co-worker you can reset passwords in active directory using the number one self service password reset software on the market.

Organizations must consider the password manager enterprise security itself, such as the security of password storage and transmission technologies. Password Station ensures attackers cannot gain access to systems by exploiting password synchronization between systems with varying security. For active directory password reset, our Microsoft credential provider supports Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7. Our older Microsoft GINA supports Windows 2000 and XP.

Self-Service Password Reset Tool

Self-Service Password Reset Tool

Trusted companies use Avatier password management solutions

The world's most trusted companies put their trust in Avatier's password reset tool for self-service active directory password reset and enterprise password management. Password Station delivers a complete enterprise password management system with audit controls. Password Station gives business users self-service password management capabilities via the web, automated phone systems, and more.

This corporate password management software includes an automated password reset tool so trusted users can reset their passwords anytime and anywhere. Password Station provides password reset software audit controls to increase an organization's IT cyber security through password self-service. It lets business users reset passwords in active directory without making a helpdesk password reset request.