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Total Password Management

The Proven Way To Eliminate Your #1 Help Desk Request

Password Station Benefits

Reduce Costs
Eliminate all calls to the help desk for password reset and account unlock requests. Help desk call reduction allows for better response times on critical issues while decreasing administrative expenses. Password synchronization across multiple operating systems, directories, databases, or applications reduces the number of passwords end users must remember to ONE.
Increase Security
Provide detailed audit logging of every operation performed by Password Station. Avatier Silent Alarm technology emails critical alerts directly to designated employees and administrators. Thus, organizations are immediately made aware of any suspicious activity.
Strong Passwords
Reduce user resistance to stronger password policy by providing a friendly self-service interface with detailed feedback on failed password criteria. End users who have to recall only one secure password on all connected systems are more willing to adjust to a stronger centralized policy.
Security Compliance
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) safeguards shareholders and the general public from data tampering, document destruction, accounting errors and fraudulent practices. SOX specifies the records a publicly traded company must keep and for how long. The Avatier compliance management system delivers SOX controls and IT audit accountability.
Employee Privacy
Provide detailed audit logging of every operation performed by Password Station. Avatier Silent Alarm technology emails critical alerts directly to designated employees and administrators. Thus, organizations are immediately made aware of any suspicious activity.
Increased Productivity
Boost employee productivity by eliminating costly downtime caused by lack of access to system resources. Employees can complete their self- service requests immediately without having to call the help desk.

Password Station Overview

Benefits of Design Features

Design Core Features

Secure pre-logon password reset button - Allow users to securely reset their forgotten password from the privacy and convenience of their workstation's Ctrl-Alt-Del pre-logon window without calling the help desk or disrupting a co-worker. Avatier supports Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP workstation and works with other Graphical Identification and Authentication (GINA) replacements.

Cross-platform self-service – Let end users securely reset their own password or unlock their account on any directory, system, database, or application used throughout their environment.

Telephone reset – Enable end users to quickly self-identify, verify, and securely reset their forgotten password anytime with any touch-tone telephone, cell phone, or PDA phone.

Change locally cached passwords - Automatically synchronize your locally cached domain password credentials. Prevent your logon session from locking out and affecting access to Outlook, network resources, and directory folder replication.

Transparent synchronization - When enrolled users change their Microsoft Windows domain password, all other passwords are automatically synchronized.

LiveUpdate - Automatically maintain the latest software version without added administrative support expense.

Provide real-time account status – Let help desk staff check account status information for any user across all platforms to help resolve any logon access issues. Enrolled users can view their own account information.

Guaranteed password reset - Ensure passwords are changed and synchronized even if the target host is initially or momentarily unreachable by queuing and retrying every transaction until complete or when the queue time expires.

Retry notification - Automatically email end users and delegated administrators when their transaction is queued, when it completes, or when the maximum queue time expires.

Parallel platform processing & replication – Route requests to all cross-platform target systems concurrently to reduce the total time for completing password resets. Replication eliminates delays in password changes inherent with distributed Microsoft network environments, so end users can immediately logon.

Leverage existing directory store - No vulnerable external database is required. Administrators can choose the location to store one-way hashed and encrypted answers to employee's private identity questions in any LDAP or Microsoft directory without extending the schema. Additionally, Password Station supports schema extended fields.

Customizable interface – Integrate simply with any existing portal by leveraging easily customizable style sheets and banners.

Mass enrollment of user identity answers - Rapidly enroll tens of thousands of users en masse, so that self-service password reset and account unlock features are immediately available. This feature is popular with universities.

Web services infrastructure with open APIs - Easily extend self-service functionality to integrate with workflow, portals, and additional enterprise applications.

Avatier Identity Management Server (AIMS) - Architecture includes cross-platform account termination and provisioning with templates. Modules are instantly available with license activation.

Real-time, scheduled and 1-click reports


Customizable ROI report - Generate executive management ROI reports based on existing cost of password reset calls to help desk. Select date range, monetary unit, and run the report in real time or at scheduled intervals.

Scheduled and real-time usage reports - Schedule summary and detailed reports of all password resets, account unlocks, failed answers to identity questions, failed password resets, phone password resets, and any other transaction hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly for administrators and IT managers.

User enrollment report - Provide a status report on all user accounts that show, which accounts are enrolled and/or not enrolled by organizational unit.

1-Click Reports - Custom 1-click reports allow you to run reports based on customer-specific requirements with a mouse click.

Trusted integrated solutions

Security Advantages

Honors password history - When Microsoft Windows NT, Active Diretory, or IMB Tivoli Directory Server is the primary user directory, only Avatier Password Station honors password history without storing current copies and prior copies of end-user passwords.

Silent Alarms - Critical events are emailed directly to designated employees and administrators, which ensures organizations are immediately aware of any suspicious activity.

Automatic intrusion detection triggers unenrollment - Administrators can set a threshold to automatically unenroll an end user when identity questions are incorrectly answered too many times.

Pre-packaged identity challenge questions - Administrators can define any number of enrollment identity questions that end users must answer to securely identify themselves. Security concerns preclude the use of "end-user defined" questions.

Cascading identity questions - Employees must correctly answer the current identity question before the next question is revealed. Avatier's identity challenge question presentation model prevents a hacker from learning all identity questions and using social engineering to compromise an employee's account.

Configurable number of identity challenge questions - Employees can be required to answer as few as two, or as many as nine identity questions.

Enhanced password policy enforcement - Strong integration with Avatier's Password Bouncer delivers unmatched password rule enforcement by preventing users from selecting vulnerable passwords that are easily cracked by hackers.

Centralized auditing and scheduled transaction reports - Capture "who did what to whom, and when" for every transaction and store categorized results to a central logging database. Reports can be filtered and displayed in real-time through a web interface. The auditing system can optionally write to Microsoft SQL, and reports can be exported to various standard formats.

Automatically open and close help desk password tickets

Help Desk

Consolidated cross-platform help desk console - Provide a single delegated enterprise web console for ALL password resets and account unlocks.

Guarantee end user identity - Enable help desk to challenge callers with "semi-private" identity challenge questions before providing assistance.

Enterprise Apps, In-House Apps and even Cloud Apps

Unlimited App Support

Avatier enables self-service password management of enterprise applications and cloud solutions. Our password management software deploys in the shortest time at the lower costs, because it ships with over 80 application, system, and database connectors out of the box. Due to our configurable solution, Password Station deploys in weeks rather than months.

Avatier introduces a unified framework for identity and access management. Our password management software enables customization without coding. Avatier transforms operations by reducing help desk support requests and providing optimum password security. Avatier self-service password management targets business user by offering multiple methods for resetting passwords and unlocking accounts. Avatier’s advanced connectors make deployment easy, fast and secure.

Identity Management Software Application Connectors

  • Agilysys LMS
  • Agilysys LMS ARTS
  • Agilysys LMS Cashier
  • Agilysys LMS Showgate
  • Agilysys MMS
  • Bally SDS
  • Bally SMS
  • Bally Technologies ACSC - Casino
  • Bally Technologies ACSC - Slot
  • Blackboard Enterprise Suite
  • CMS400
  • Generic Web Service (SOAPS)
  • Google Apps
  • HP Service Desk
  • Infinium HCM/FSM
  • Infinium Self-Service
  • InfoGenesis POS
  • JD Edwards Enterprise One
  • JD Edwards One World
  • KRONOS AS/400
  • KRONOS AS/400 User/Manager
  • IBM Lotus Notes (ID Files)
  • IBM Lotus Notes (Web Accounts)
  • McAfee Endpoint Encryption
  • McKesson Horizon Clinical Infrastructure (HCI)
  • Micros 9700 POS
  • Microsoft Forefront
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Netsuite
  • Oracle E-Business Applications
  • PeopleSoft Remote 8.1/8.4
  • PeopleSoft 8.4 Above
  • Remote Command Line
  • Salesforce CRM
  • SAP ECC using RPC
  • SAP ECC with SOAP
  • SuccessFactors

Operating Systems

  • HP Tru64
  • HP VMS
  • HP-UX
  • IBM z/OS (ACF2)
  • IBM z/OS (OS/390)
  • IBM z/OS (Top Secret)
  • IBM iSeries (AS400)
  • Linux Arch
  • Linux CentOS
  • Linux Debian
  • Linux Gentoo
  • Linux Fedora
  • Linux Knopixx
  • Linux Kubuntu
  • Linux Mandriva
  • Linux Mepis
  • Linux Mint
  • Linux Mandriva
  • Linux Pardus
  • Linux PCLinuxOS
  • Linux Redhat
  • Linux Sabayon
  • Linux Slackware
  • Linux Suse
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Linux XUbuntu
  • Microsoft Windows ActiveDirectory
  • Microsoft Windows Workstation/Server(Local Accounts)
  • Sun Solaris


  • IBM Directory Server
  • Linux Fedora Directory Server
  • Microsoft Active Directory LightweightDirectory Services (AD LDS)
  • Novell eDirectory (NDS)
  • OpenLDAP
  • Oracle InternetDirectory
  • Sun Java System Directory Server (iPlanet, Sun ONE)


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000
  • MySQL
  • Oracle Database
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sybase


  • ActivCard
  • ActivIdentity Authentication
  • ActiveIdentity Provisioning
  • RSA SecurID

Avatier Risk-Driven Identity and Access Management System


Avatier identity management software supports universal assignment management for all assets, application access, subscriptions, and physical access for every business user and administrator across your enterprise.

Avatier's identity and access management software architecture is built on the principle of IT automation, configuration rather than development, universal integration and self-service delegated administration to the fullest. Our identity governance and administration (IGA) software adapts to the needs of the business user to deliver a unified framework for business processes across an enterprise.

Avatier's identity and access management software architecture enables universal assignment management of:

  • Physical assets of any type including BYOD and mobile equipment
  • Enterprise application access certification and IT governance
  • SaaS, cloud subscriptions and enterprise licenses
  • Physical access to facilities, computers, and networks

Avatier's identity and access management solutions take a radically different approach, because our software puts control of single sign-on (SSO), password management, user provisioning, group management, and compliance management accountability in the hands of business users through workflow automation and self-service request management approval systems.

Ships with 30 Languages and Dialects


Avatier's state-of-the-art identity and access management software supports internationalization and localization to the fullest. Our identity access management software can be readily localized in over 30 languages. Localization requires adapting an identity management software product to an organization's language, culture, technical and business requirements. With most software, this process is labor intensive and requires a significant amount of custom development.

Avatier's cyber security software supports numerous languages including Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, and nearly every European language. Our user interface is designed for localization so business users can engage in self-service password management, provisioning, and group management.

Avatier's identity management software is built for adaptability and configuration. Multi-language deployments across an enterprise are routine. Varying language support from one location to another is our standard operating procedures. With Password Station, language integration from one user account to the next flawlessly happens. For global enterprises, our software accommodates your needs worldwide. If your office is internationalized, our software can adapt from one account to the next no problem.

  • Arabic
  • Arabic League
  • Catalan
  • Chinese
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French (Canadian)
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Americas)
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

Ticketing Integration and Help Desk Ticketing

Help Desk Ticketing

For companies lacking a self-service option, password reset requests represent a signification portion of IT help desk tickets. When you enable self-service, you change the way your help desk organization operates. Support staff is freed to work on higher priorities, while you service more people and reduce your cyber security risks.

Avatier identity management software offers a password reset tool that resets end user passwords without help desk involvement. Imagine opening a ticket, entering the help desk password reset request, storing the information, closing the ticket, and capturing your information security metrics through automation. The savings add up fast.

Avatier identity management software automates user provisioning across an enterprise as well. Whether you make requests to an actionable service catalog or a corporate user provisioning system, Avatier automatically connects to Active Directory and over 80 system connectors to deliver immediate identity and access management with built-in cyber security audit controls.

Avatier identity management software makes it easy for organizations to automate track and audit help desk tickets. Avatier's system includes tools for you to write your own identity management and enterprise password manager connector to custom ticketing systems.

  • Axios Assyst
  • BMC
  • BMC/Remedy ARS
  • CA Unicenter
  • Cherwell Software
  • Help Desk Clarify
  • eFrontOffice
  • FrontRange HEAT
  • HP Service Desk
  • LANDesk
  • Peregrine ServiceCenter
  • ServiceNow
  • Siebel ERM
  • SupportSoft
  • Tivoli Service Desk

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Stop Paying Twice For Password Resets

Avatier Managed Enrollment enables 100% user adoption and virtually eliminates all Help Desk password user requests.

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