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Password Single Sign-On

Single sign-on (SSO) is an excellent tool for most users. Single Sign-On enables access to all authorized protected resources using a single password. Once you log on, you get instant access to all the applications, web pages, and other secure information for which you are authorized. Single sign-on saves time; however, proper use is paramount. The first line of defense is a strong password, which contains upper and lower case letters, numerals and special symbols. Your company can even specify certain confidential characteristics such as certain symbols in specific character positions. Help in achieving the desired password choice is available with Password Bouncer from Avatier. The second line of defense is an employee PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Do not Fall Victim To Hackers Take Advantage of Single Sign-On

Studies show computer hackers operate similar to hotel thieves. They want to get in and get out quickly. This is why Avatier Internet security single sign-on is a feature of our identity management software and server. With Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS), which is compatible in multiple platforms and internationalized in over 30 different languages, a highly complex password is the key to preventing the unlocking confidential information. Even if a hacker tries to crack the password, it takes too much time, and the hacker moves on to another account. With two-factor authentication, hacking simply becomes impractical.

Affordable Identity Management Software

Another great feature of Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) is affordable and deploys at the lowest cost of ownership in the shortest time. Thousands of clients all over the world are enjoying this cost-effective way to increase worker productivity and security. You will be amazed at how simple the AIMS installation process is and how immediately effective the result. For more information, please, contact an Avatier representative.