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Microsoft Active Directory Single Sign On (SSO)

Password Station streamlines your business and help desk operations. The Microsoft Windows Active Directory enables companies and other organizations to store information such as files and applications on one or more networks as well as provide facilities for administratively determine user access rights. In addition to controlling access rights, security for confidential information becomes essential. The Microsoft Active Directory provides some great security measures, but when you complement them with software from Avatier, particularly with features such as Windows single sign on (or Windows SSO), your Active Directory will be unbreakable.

Avatier's Log On Station Handles All Single Sign On (SSO) Needs

Active directory single sign on means that users have only one user name and password to remember. When a user logs onto any network, the Active Directory SSO automatically logs the user onto every authorized resource.. The advantages to SSO service are two-fold. In addition to saving time, Microsoft single sign on from Avatier eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords, thereby laying the groundwork for using a really strong password. Snd since there is only one password, it will be more likely to be remembered (even if it is complex) and less likely to be forgotten or worse, written down.

Avatier has developed technically excellent tools for Microsoft single sign on since its inception. To find out more about single sign on and other identity management products and tools, check out our products. Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) delegates administration throughout your workforce while increasing security to reduce risks.