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Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) 10.6

RESTFul API's · Responsive Workflow Approver · Entitlement Reconciliation · Multi-Factor Authentication Workflow · Multi-Factor Providers · Versioning · Compliance Auditor

Deploy a unified framework for enterprise applications, cloud subscriptions, and identity security.

AIMS Updates

Mobile friendly workflow approver user interface
Responsive design web form login Authentication portal
Any LDAP as authoritative source for all AIMS
Ability to leverage virtual directory as authoritative source
Improved SIEM integration and configuration for better control of mapping fields
Improved connector management configuration with more controls and easier to manage large amounts of connectors
TLS 1.2 support throughout the AIMS Suite
Windows SQL 2016 Certification
Windows OS 2016 Certification

Password Station Enhancements

Multi-Factor workflow capabilities with advanced configuration controls
Soft lock capabilities allowing for temporary hold on account
Email and SMS as a one time pin (OTP)
Infobip support as SMS gateway
Automatic mapping of RSA users to enrollment domain users
Windows 10 credential provider (CP) utilizing latest API's
Advanced verification for RSA mapping and granular configuration to display RSA functionality
Configuration setting to hide RSA ID Authentication from PS Login Page
Help Desk capability to verify user with semi-private question and OTP
IVR Phone Reset now allows for the ability to provide secondary method to lookup and verify user

Identity Enforcer Enhancements

Privilege Reconciliation now allows your administration team the ability to make a change and have it reconcile any assigned users
Role Reconciliation is similar to privilege and makes sure that all rules associated to the request are adhered too, such as SoD
Role Consolidation helps to consolidate roles and make sure you role sprawl is not an issue
Unresolved approver proactive alerting to help prevent request not getting the needed attention
Dynamic workflow gives your organization the ability to build rules to determine who the approver is
Improved store manager functionality for better loading of privileges for connected systems
Improved BulkCart functionality to help with administrators getting mass updates to identities
Ability to use the display name and have it resolve to email address for authentication
Active Directory group rename functionality
Ability to configure which field are displayed in the request history for property push transactions
Advanced budgeting capabilities to help divide privilege budgets into invoice subtypes
Allow only managers to request new users but not make requests for themselves
Account Terminator now removes all proxies when it disables an account resulting from a Termination and not Leave of Absence
Enable Target's Manager to be assigned as Grantor

Compliance Auditor Enhancements

Auto revoke when project is closed for undecided decisions
Performance improvements utilizing versioning data for project create
Installation of Compliance Auditor now part of the AIMS installation process

Single Sign On Enhancements

Smart Start Page For Single Sign-On

Identity Connectors

SCIM Connector Capabilities
Salesforccom.com - more granular controls to manage data in target system
IBM Directory Server
ServiceNow - Support for latest versions - Geneva and Helsinki
AD Remote Agent
Office 365

Multi-Factor Providers

Google Authenticator
OTP Email
Symantec VIP