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Avatier Identity Management Suite 8.0 Changes the Rules of Identity Management by Providing Seamless Integration and Management of Enterprise and Cloud Applications

SAN RAMON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Avatier Corporation today announced expansion of Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) 8.0 available today. Avatier's Identity and Access Management solution adds several new enterprise features as well as a new module, Compliance Auditor, for integration of governance management with access validation and SOX remediation. Avatier also added a new module, Identity Analyzer, that includes bottom's up role mining, identity correlation, advanced analytics including over 50 point-and-click reports.

"Avatier is breaking away from the past and defining the future of Identity Access Management. AIMS 8.0 new enterprise features along with its organic integrated governance modules offers a fresh perspective by changing the economics of Identity Access Management deployments and ongoing maintenance," said Nelson Cicchitto, Chairman and CEO of Avatier Corporation. "Others sell a development framework that requires expensive and experienced consultants to make it work for you. Avatier keeps our customers in control through a point-and-click identity management software architecture that leverages the existing skills of your IT staff."

The new release builds on and adds significant new features. Most notable among them are:

  • Compliance Auditor - Integrated access validation workflow, SOX remediation escalation and analytics.
  • Identity Analyzer – Role Mining with Identity Correlation and Analytics
  • Seamless Cloud Application Management and Integration
  • Picture Driven Identity Management™
  • "Closed-Loop" Asset Tracking™ with integrated workflow
  • True 64-bit and 32-bit Support
  • High Availability and Load Balancing Support
  • Configuration Migration from Development, to Test, to Production Environments
  • Web-Service Identity Management Provisioning and Deprovisioning Interface

Avatier Identity Management Suite now includes the following bundles and modules:

  • User Provisioning Bundle
    • Account Creator
    • Account Terminator
    • Identity Enforcer
  • Password Management Bundle
    • Password Bouncer
    • Password Station
  • Compliance Management Bundle
    • Compliance Auditor
    • Identity Analyzer

AIMS 8.0 is available now available through download at https://www.avatier.com.

For more information about Avatier Corporation and its products, please visit the corporate web site at https://www.avatier.com or call 1-925-217-5170.