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Avatier Takes a New Approach That Transforms User Provisioning to Meet Dynamic Demands of Business

AIMS 7.0 Features Patent-Pending Self-Service User Provisioning That Can Be Populated by Business Managers Not Developers

San Ramon, California — July 2, 2007 — Avatier Corporation, the technology leader in the password management market, announced today a new approach to user provisioning that overcomes the failure of existing solutions to keep up with changing employee roles and access requirements. Avatier's patent-pending technologies combine to deliver the first user provisioning solution that seamlessly evolves along with the business.

Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) 7.0 features Identity Enforcer, a new module that provides a simplified process for employees to obtain the assets and application access they need to do their jobs. Identity Enforcer is unique in the market because it leverages Avatier's Hierarchical Business Services Repository™ to neatly organize assets and applications to mirror business processes. Unlike legacy user provisioning solutions, no programming is required. The repository is populated by business line managers, not developers, with workflow automatically generated from the placement of assets and applications in the tree hierarchy.

"When we decided to replace our internally-developed access request and approval solution, we looked at a number of commercial solutions. All implemented complex role and workflow strategies that required excessive time and resources to adapt to our business," said Michael Roberti, Corporate Information System Security Officer at Harris Corporation, a leading communications and information technology company. "AIMS 7.0 and Identity Enforcer provided the flexibility and simplicity we needed."

Identity Enforcer can be deployed using simple roles or even no roles at all because managers have point-and-click tools to create and modify roles, privileges and assets as the business changes. This allows Avatier to eliminate the role mining, development of complex roles/rules and creation of workflow that make today's implementations and maintenance of user provisioning difficult, costly and time consuming. End users can customize their identity by simply dropping the necessary roles, resources or assets into a workflow-enabled shopping cart.

For compliance and control Identity Enforcer provides Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Separation of Duties (SoD) enforcement, manager/end-user attestation, comprehensive transaction logging, and automatic organization chart maintenance.

Key features of AIMS 7.0 and Identity Enforcer are:

  • The Hierarchical Business Services Repository™: Neatly organizes assets and applications to mirror business processes and allows end-users or managers to request what they need when they need it.
  • Hybrid Roles™: Supports evolutionary change by combining enterprise roles with individual assets and privileges. Hybrid roles can be modified by line of business or IT managers.
  • IdentiFlow™: Identity-oriented approval workflow is automatically generated for all role management and user provisioning operations from the structure of the Hierarchical Business Services Repository without the cost and delays of traditional workflow programming.
  • Human Resource Integration: Point-and-click integration with Human Resource (HR) systems for automated on-boarding of new employees and deprovisoning at termination. AIMS will detect a new record and assign a role that corresponds with the employee's title, job code or other data field. If roles aren't defined, the Human Resource Role Discovery and Mining™ function will identify them from existing employee profiles. Upon termination, employee access is automatically de-provisioned to meet corporate security or compliance requirements.
  • Custom Database Connectors: Customers who have written in-house applications can use the new programming-free connector to automate provisioning, termination, and password synchronization for the application.

"After gathering feedback from dozens of medium to large enterprises and testing a number of legacy solutions from Sun to Novell, we found that the alleged state of the art in user provisioning is inconsistent with the way dynamic, growing businesses operate," said Nelson Cicchitto, Avatier's CEO and Chairman. "We listened. In contrast to a static image of the organization captured in a maze of pre-programmed roles, rules and workflow that are absurdly difficult to create and modify, AIMS 7.0 implements a streamlined, programming-free approach that facilitates rapid change."

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